Step by Step Guide to eBook Publishing by Vidya Sagar

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Vidya Sagar eBook Lab Publication 2022
The book, "Step by Step Guide to eBook Publishing" is a tutorial book that guides you throughout the process of Writing, Formatting, and Publishing your first book. Authors rarely write this type of tutorial book but the Vidya Sagar, the author of this book has written this ebook for people like you who want to write his own book. This eBook contains step-by-step instructions for editing the manuscript of your book, formatting it, and making it live on various online platforms. You will find this book way interactive since a lot of screenshots and illustrations are embedded which makes you familiar with Various Popular Publishing dashboards.

As the title of this eBook suggests, you will be getting step by step guide in the journey of book writing, formatting, and publishing it on various global platforms like Kobo, Barnes & Noble, Google Play Books, and Amazon KDP. Since you are not limited with these platforms, If your manuscript is better to withhold the readers then you may want to make a printed version of your eBook. Printed books require neat & Clean formatting but don't worry, this ebook will help you with that also. This book is divided into three parts, Part I is focused on Publishing your eBook on Google Play Books, Amazon Kindle, Kobo, and Warnes & Novel. You will get the step-by-step process from registering to publishing your eBook on these platforms. Part II teaches you about formatting your book so that your manuscript looks better and imposes a good impression on your readers. Part III Guides you to the process of file conversion. In This part, you learn about converting your .Docx file format into different acceptable file formats. Since not all publishers accept your manuscript in .Docx file format, you are required to convert and format your eBook into other file formats like epub and .kpf file. ePub is the standard file format for digital publication but you need .kpf file so that your book can be published on Amazon Kindle. The book Step by Step Guide to eBook Publishing will help you in all these regards so go and take a copy of it from either Amazon or Google Play books to start the journey of writing your 1st eBook.

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