A Hacker's Guide to Hacking in 2021

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Orsi Manish
The eBook, A Hacker's Guide to Hacking in 2021 is one of the best-selling ethical hacking books on the Google Play Store. It will introduce you to various software and tools used in cyber security. You will Get an Ethical Hacking course with this Hacking Book. If you want to learn ethical hacking read this book today.

Summary of A Hacker's Guide to Hacking in 2021

The author of A Hacker's Guide to Hacking in 2021 tries to teach ethical hacking to his readers in the best possible way. He used all available resources to make the quality and content of the book superior. The author wanted that his readers become comfortable with ethical Hacking terminologies and get introduced to current innovative technologies in the field of cybersecurity and Ethical Hacking.

The author used a structured approach to present the content of this book. Since Ethical Hacking is an art that requires analytical thinking together with knowledge of different domains of computer science, before diving deep into computer hacking, he wanted his readers to understand the real meaning. He introduced the audience to past cyber attacks to trace the actual method used by hacktivists in those incidents. He shared about some insane hackers from the contemporary world and history. The author tried to share various tools and software needed to practice ethical hacking. He shared Ethical Hacking tutorials so that we are able to set up the testing environment. Further in this book, the author shared information about a few programming languages required for ethical hackers to practice ethical hacking. Moreover, this book introduced us to the fundamentals of computers, an understanding of servers, and the various attack vectors that hackers use to hack into security systems and computing infrastructure.

This Ethical Hacking book used another way to represent the overall material of the book. Hacking requires detailed information about various tools and programs of a computer. It was not possible to share everything just using textual data. So to overcome this drawback, the author of this book used relevant illustrations and pictures to engage their readers so that they can understand the concept of Ethical Hacking in a better way. He embedded QR Codes containing Ethical Hacking tutorial Videos that further act as reference material for them.

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