Cyber Forensics - Postmortem of Digital Devices

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Orsi Manish Irupat Lab 2022
The book, Cyber Forensics : Postmortem of Digital Devices is written by Orsi Manish. It is one of the best books for Computer Forensics for conducting Cyber Forensics investigations. It will guide you to set your career as a digital forensic investigator. This book covers the complete syllabus of Computer Hacking Forensics Investigation. It will provide you complete Cyber Forensics Investigation Process and a lot of information about cyber forensics tools used by a computer forensics investigator.

Cyber Forensics : Postmortem of Digital Devices

Cyber Forensics : Postmortem of Digital Devices is a book in which the author has tried to cover the Cyber Forensics Investigation methodologies used by law enforcement agencies and cyber forensics investigators. He covered every topic of computer hacking forensics investigation in detail so that readers of this book can become comfortable using various Cyber Forensics tools. The author shared everything about computer forensics so that one can collect evidence and uncover hidden information in Digital Devices.

In this Cyber ​​Forensic Handbook, the author describes the basic understanding of computer forensics and forensic investigation procedures in the introductory part of this book. In subsequent chapters, he shared information about data acquisition and collection of evidence data from hard drives and other storage media. Operating system forensics helps in determining clues about cyber attacks, so the author also wrote about the forensics of Windows, Linux, and Android operating systems.

Moreover, there are dedicated chapters on the concept of networking, forensics strategy for web apps & IoT, DBMS, and Cloud forensics so that you can have an overall understanding of digital forensics. Sometimes, a computer forensics investigator needs to deal with hi-tech crimes. The malicious user uses all available anonymity techniques to hide their original fingerprint on the internet. In these cases, the investigating officers need to perform dark web forensics. So this book also covered about Dark Web and Malware forensics in the final segment.

About the Author

Orsi Manish is a technical writer, part of the Cyber Forensics Workforce, and a graduate in Physics. He has completed CNSS from International Cyber Security Institute, Computer Hacking Forensics Investigator training with CRAW Security, and many other Cyber Security courses from NPTEL. Orsi Manish has written a few books on Computer Hacking and Cyber Forensics. As Part of CRAW Security Private Limited, he has written more than five books on computer hacking forensics investigation. Currently, he is working with CRAW as a Technical Writer. He also works as a Science & Tech blogger at where he shares information about innovative technologies. Moreover, works by Orsi Manish can be accessed from here.

About the Book

In the Emerging Hi-Tech world, criminal activities using computers and digital devices gave rise to the new field of cyberspace. Digital Forensics, Computer Forensics, and Cyber Forensics all these three terms are synonymous with each other. Cyber Forensics is the branch of digital forensic science that deals in evidence collection and uncovering hidden information from digital artifacts.

This book on Computer Forensics covers the complete syllabus of Cyber Forensics Investigation. In this book, you will learn almost everything a cyber Forensics Analyst practices to collect evidence from a computer, smartphone, and other digital devices. You will learn about various types of digital data and the stealth techniques of cybercriminals to hide information. A Cyber Forensics Analyst is supposed to reveal such hidden information from those seized articles involved in a cyber incident.


Cyber Forensics : Postmortem of Digital Devices

Author Orsi Manish
Publisher Irupat Lab
Publisher Address Kankarbagh, Patna - 800020, Bihar (India)
Publisher email [email protected]
Date of Publication 1 Feb 2022
Genre Computer & Technology
Language English
Pages 65
Ratings ⭐⭐⭐⭐✰
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My Opinion About The Book

I am very interested in reading books on ethical hacking and cyber security. I found this book on Google Play Books when it was in the top-selling category. The perfect-looking blue cover attracted me to read the sample of this book. There I found a lot of ethical hacking concepts that the author put into the book. I studied the entire book and found it quite interesting. Each chapter was organized so perfectly and the author of this book took care of every small thing. In this book, I found the Complete Ethical Hacking Tutorial. There were more than 60 lectures from a highly reputed and knowledgeable authority. The last two chapters of this book were related to cyber awareness. It explains the various cyber attack vectors and attack methodologies. Overall, the material inside this Ethical Hacking book was incredible.

Who Should Read this Book

Cybersecurity and Ethical Hacking are domains that fascinate a new generation of youngsters. The book, A Hacker's Guide to Hacking in 2021 is prepared to take boys on the right track to practice ethical Hacking. It focused on topics of different Ethical Hacking and penetration testing Certification examinations. As cyber security and penetration testing jobs are in great demand today, people are getting attracted to this field. This book is helpful for all those passionate students who want to grow their careers in cybersecurity. This book is also for those who want to protect one's online privacy by getting aware of various malicious techniques used by hackers.


The overall analysis of this book proves it to be the best book for those involved in ethical hacking and cyber security. The Material of this book becomes supreme with the Ethical hacking tutorial video course. The use of simple language by the author makes it suitable for beginners as well as advanced users. Screenshots used in the book for illustrating different steps of hacking make the readers easy to understand.  In my opinion, this book is a must-have on your bookshelf if you are interested in Ethical Hacking and Computer Security.

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